Bone Anchored Prosthetics

 Getting a Vistafix® System is a simple procedure. It involves six steps that could change your life

Cochlear’s bone-anchored facial prosthetic solution is an attractive alternative to other available treatments, such as reconstructive surgery or adhesive retained prostheses. The Cochlear Vistafix 3 System* is based on a proven technology that Cochlear has developed and enhanced during its 30-year history in bone-anchored solutions. With secure attachments and excellent cosmetic results, the Vistafix facial prosthesis is the craniofacial solution you can trust. That is why Vistafix is the facial prosthetic retention system of choice for thousands of people with facial disfigurement all over the world.


Attractive prosthetic solution

With Vistafix, you can enjoy life with complete confidence in your prosthesis. With small titanium implants that provide a permanent, stable foundation, the prosthesis is firmly attached, enabling you to feel secure in the knowledge that it is in its correct position – and will remain there – even during physical activity and exercise.

Recent innovations, combining state-of-the-art silicone materials with the advanced skills of prosthetic specialists, have made prostheses so personalised and life-like that it is difficult to tell them apart from the rest of the face.

The Vistafix prosthesis is easy to use and requires only minor surgical procedures, making it the right choice for people with facial disfigurement seeking to regain their confidence and reclaim their quality of life.

Proven, advanced technology

The Vistafix 3 System is based on more than 30 years’ clinical experience in craniofacial rehabilitation. It features advanced bone-anchored prosthetic implant technology, which has been proven to provide better implant performance. The wide implant diameter and the TiOblast™ surface leads toincreased implant stability and enhanced integration between the implant and the bone 2-4 for improved predictability. The new abutment shape has been specially designed for an enhanced skin result.

With a Vistafix bone-anchored prosthesis you can:
  • Enjoy an active lifestyle
  • Attach and remove your prosthesis easily
  • Feel confident that your prosthesis sits securely
  • Feel confident that your prosthesis blends in naturally
  • Trust that it is a proven, clinically tested and documented prosthetic solution
  • Benefit from more than 30 years of experience in craniofacial rehabilitation
1. Planning

Once you have decided to go ahead with getting an implant-retained prosthesis you will meet with a medical team and plan the procedure. At this time, a surgical template is made to determine the best locations for implants in relation to your facial structure and your future prosthesis

2. Implantation

The Vistafix® surgical procedure can be conducted in one or two stages, depending on what is appropriate. The titanium implants are placed in carefully chosen sites suitable for the positioning of the prosthesis, and healing abutments are attached to the implants. Final abutments are chosen at a later date when the tissue settles down.

3. Healing

After surgery, the bone will need some time to bond (osseointegrate) with the titanium implant. When the surgical procedure is done in two stages the second stage takes place after this period. Once the implant is satisfactorily stable in the bone, the making and fitting of the prosthesis can begin.

4. Prosthesis

Final abutments are placed and an exact copy, an impression, of the area is made. When this is complete the next step is to start making the prosthesis out of silicone. You will go for a series of fittings with the prosthetist to check that the shape and size correspond appropriately and that the tone and texture also match.

5. Fitting

When your prosthesis is ready you will meet with your prosthetist for the final fitting. After this session you will be able to enjoy wearing it everyday.

6. Aftercare

The area around the implants should be kept clean and the prosthesis should also be cleaned regularly. However, this need not take more than a few minutes a day.