Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer

Expand your TV experience.

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Using the TV Streamer
Enjoy TV together
  • Enjoy a show together and still be able to have a conversation.
Set your own volume
  • Watch your favourite show without disturbing anyone else.
Freedom to move
  • Move around, leave the room, come back and automatically reconnect.
How TV Streamer Works.?

Key features:

  • Streams stereo sound directly to your sound processor
  • Range of up to 7 metres
  • Set so you can hear both audio devices and sounds around you
  • Pair with as many sound processors as desired
  • Install and forget it – always stays paired
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hear others while watching TV?

Depending on the mixing ratio of your processor microphones and the streamed audio, you can carry on a conversation while watching TV if you choose.

How far from the Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer can I hear the sound?

You should be able to hear the streamed signal clearly up to 7 metres (23 feet) from the TV Streamer. If the sound does not come through clearly, you may have to move closer to the TV Streamer.

How many Cochlear Wireless TV Streamers can I pair my processor to?

It is possible to pair to up to three Cochlear Wireless TV Streamers to a single processor.

How many sound processors can the Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer be paired with?

As many sound processors as needed can be paired to a TV Streamer.

Which audio devices can be connected to the Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer?

Any device with audio output and compatible connection jacks can be connected. For example, you can connect your TV, stereo or computer with the Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer.